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I was truly befuddled

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I was truly befuddled as of what to think at first, I mean I got a wife and these sexy sluts are offering me paid sex, however gracious god, how hot were they. I immediately assumed that in case I’m to spend those 3 days in London alone, I should get somebody to hang out with me, when the companion proved unable. I quickly perused through the exhibition on the London Escorts site on my cell phone and even then I had to jerk off quickly due to a case of blue balls and the outstanding choice of pictures posted on the site.

I had a few picks in mind, but two escorts immediately caught my eye, I don’t even remember the names but it was some standard stripper kind of names, Cinnamon, Crystal, creepy stuff like that. Who gives a shit about names when you got two porn stars rolling in your bed? I’ve never had a night like that ever again, we were messing around for what felt like eternity and we finally fell asleep when the sun was already up. Waking up enveloped by two goddesses? Best. Thing. Ever.