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I woke up the following morning

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I woke up the following morning with a horrendous headache, headed toward the latrine for a fast vomit and a shower and understood that the entire employment business I was sent here was at that point completed yesterday and I was stuck in London until Monday, sitting tight for my flight back home.

I called the fellow I was drinking with yesterday and inquired as to whether he’d have a craving for hanging out with me, since I’m so exhausted and don’t generally have a craving for staring at the TV in my lodging while curing my headache. I’d rather go investigate following the event is fairly uncommon and the climate in London is astonishing. The guy couldn’t come but he told me he can hook me up with the best tour guide I’ll ever have to pleasure to meet.

Turns out the tour guide was named Katarina, she had blonde hair and legs so long you could get lost in them. Suffice to say she has shown me more than just the nooks and crannies of London itself. Best day of my life and I’ll be forever indebted to the guy that stood me up.